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  1. an intense feeling of deep affection. "babies fill parents with feelings of love" · [more] synonyms: deep affection · fondness · tenderness · warmth · intimacy · attachment · [more]

  2. a great interest and pleasure in something. "his love for football" · [more] synonyms: liking · weakness · partiality · bent · leaning · proclivity · inclination · disposition · [more]

  3. a person or thing that one loves. "she was the love of his life" · [more] synonyms: beloved · loved one · love of one's life · dear · dearest · dear one · darling · [more]




  1. freedom from disturbance; tranquility. "you can while away an hour or two in peace and seclusion" synonyms: tranquility · calm · calmness · restfulness · peace and quiet · peacefulness · quiet · [more]

  2. a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended. "the Straits were to be open to warships in time of peace" · [more] synonyms: law and order · lawfulness · order · peacefulness · peaceableness · harmony · [more]

  3. (the peace) a ceremonial handshake or kiss exchanged during a service in some Churches (now usually only in the Eucharist), symbolizing Christian love and unity.See also kiss of peace at kiss.




  1. relating to or determined by the sun. "solar radiation"

  • relating to or denoting energy derived from the sun's rays. "solar heating"

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