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Daa Godfather Of Solar

Godfather /ˈɡädˌfäT Hər/ #Godfather
noun a male godparent.
a man who is influential in a movement or organization, through providing support for it or through playing a leading or innovatory part in it. " #thegodfather of alternative energy and  comedy" or  #DaaGodfatherOfSolar

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun harnessed using a range of ever-evolving #technologies such as solar #heating, #photovoltaics, solar thermal #energy  #solar #architecture and artificial photosynthesis. #SolarEnergy

Brooklyn's Godfather

A Godfather from (Crown Heights) Brooklyn New York

Knowledge of daa following:

-Solar products



- An Advisor

-Enjoy Entertainment

Love Peace Solar


#Love - to show love establishing a connection with others that love life and their purpose!

#Peace - creating an atmosphere that free from stress and worry. Knowledge helps obtain those goals.

#Solar - that idea is a concept of providing solar, wind and other alternative energy products. Thus I am getting the message out that I am Daa Godfather Of Solar!!!

Solid Gold

rock solid, something is secure and good... solid gold hit

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As of 2014, rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) panels cost about 50% of what they did just three years ago in America.

Discover great possibilities.


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  1. a person who is concerned with or advocates the protection of the environment.

    synonyms: conservationist · preservationist · ecologist ·

    nature lover · tree hugger · green · greenie

  2. a person who considers that environment, as opposed to heredity, has the primary influence on the development of a person or group

Go Green It Makes $cents

Going green: what does it really mean?

GREEN” and “Sustainable” have become two of the most trending words on  American Twitter. But what do they mean in terms of your business?

Going green means reducing the overall environmental impact of your business. . That holistic approach includes compliance issues that protect both you and the environment. When you combine those initiatives with energy efficiency measures that conserve the earth's resources, you make your business more efficient, and reduce costs.In other words reduce your expenses put more money your pocket and live cleaner!

The following creates a strong foundation for a GREEN business:

Energy – Improve efficiency and reduce consumption

Materials – Use sustainable materials and eliminate waste

Assurance – Comply with environmental regulations

Purchasing – Buy green products, equipment and services

Daa Godfather Of Solar can help you achieve those goals!

Daa Godfather Of Solar is your  EMAP consultants helping you to live cleaner richer!  Contact us to request assistance, ask questions or schedule consultation.

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“We shall need a substantially new way of thinking if humanity is to survive.”

...Albert Einstein's Environmental Quote

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